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BrandHiro Corporation
Size 8 × 5.5 × 0.5 cm
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HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker  a unique development of Japanese scientists, this is an absolutely safe tool that guarantees constant protection from viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold without drugs and harm to the immune system.

This method of fighting the flu and other viruses will help to maintain good health at any time of the year.

Active substance – chlorine dioxide (CLO2), which has high disinfecting properties, disinfects and disinfects personal airspace.  

Chlorine dioxide instantly blocks the spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria.

It has an instant effect, oxidizing the protein structure of viruses and bacteria, thereby blocking their spread. Effectively destroys almost all known viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens within a radius of 1 meter. It is absolutely safe for the body.

It will be especially useful during the transition period, when the immune system is weakened by long cold weather, and the risk of catching the disease is greatly increased.

Using a blocker in public places, you can prevent infection and prevent the penetration of viruses into the body. This popular Japanese remedy helps to get rid of harmful microorganisms without undermining your health with antibiotics. It is also the best solution in the event of allergic reactions to vitamin complexes.

In order for the lock to start working, it only needs to be removed from the package and attached to any surface in the immediate vicinity: a bag, a work desk or clothes. Do not allow contact with open areas of the skin.

If there is a strong wind, the effectiveness of the blocker may decrease, so it is necessary to use auxiliary protective equipment outside. Do not carry it in your pocket, especially when in contact with electronic cards.

It is ideal for employees and visitors of hospitals, children's institutions, banks, for those who use public transport or visit crowded places. It has a wide range of effects – E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, ringworm, viruses, noroviruses, swine flu virus.

It is approved by world certification centers for safe and effective use.

The safety is guaranteed by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization).

The use of these products will help protect you and your family from: the harmful effects of viruses and bacteria, mold, reduce the impact of pathogens of allergies, such as plant pollen, a sharp unpleasant smell, make life easier for people suffering from asthma. A person who is in a closed space next to sick people can feel protected. In addition, chlorine dioxide eliminates the stench caused by the decomposition of microorganisms that we encounter in everyday life: the smell of the toilet, shoes, garbage. It actively combats the eight most common types of unpleasant odors, such as : putrid smell, vegetable components that emit an unpleasant smell, the smell of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, the smell of eggs, putrid smell of fish, the smell of plastic and tobacco.

The principle of operation:

  • The blocker virus, after opening, releases chlorine oxide — one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents.
  • Chlorine dioxide creates an air protective shell in the surrounding space.
  • The protective shell has a filtering effect and eliminates pathogenic microorganisms.


Do not use as a food product, use only for its intended purpose.

If the drug accidentally got inside, immediately rinse your mouth and stomach with plenty of water.


Do not store in places of direct sunlight and high temperature.

The effectiveness of the drug will also be reduced during use in a draft. Use it in the room, in the office, in the car.

Avoid getting wet.

Do not keep it near a fire.

Keep away from children.

It is possible to change the product specification to improve the quality.

Composition: Chlorine dioxide, gas formation regulator, moisture-absorbing material.

Validity period: after the autopsy, 1 month.

 HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker - this is a powerful preventive tool during the virus epidemic.

После вскрытия контейнера действующее вещество начинает медленно выделяться в воздух, уничтожая болезнетворную флору в радиусе примерно 1 куб.метра.
Availability in stockСклад РФ
BrandHiro Corporation
Size 8 × 5.5 × 0.5 cm
Weight with packaging10 g
A countryЯпония

HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker reviews

HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker купить недорого в интернет-магазине товаров из Японии "Мирай"

Вы можете заказать HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Мирай». Доставка по всему миру со склада в России или из Японии. Оформите заказ на сайте, и HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker отправится по указанному Вами адресу

Для всех способов доставки из Японии минимальная сумма заказа 5500 рублей.

При оформлении заказа, необходимо выбрать способ доставки из Японии, система автоматически рассчитает стоимость.

Оплата заказов со склада Японии производится, банковскими картами: VISA, MasterCard, МИР или банковский перевод на р/с организации.

Все заказы из Японии отправляются с момента подтверждения оплаты заказа.

Доставка со склада России г. Москва, осуществляется службой доставки Boxberry, PickPoint, курьером по Москве или Почтой России (1 класс или EMS).

Заказы на сумму от 10000 рублей, отправляем бесплатно Почтой РФ, 1 класс, Boxberry, PickPoint.

Возможные способы оплаты:

  • Оплата наличными курьеру
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Подробнее о способах оплаты и доставки HIRO CORPORATION VIRUS AWAY HVIAW-01 Portable Virus Blocker можно узнать по телефонам +7 (977) 976-27-12, +7 (800) 301-07-62 .

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