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Gel Gloves Moisturizing Gel Gloves

Reusable caring gloves soaked in nutrients
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Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
ColourPink-peach Violet Blue
Material Nylon, cotton
Weight with packaging220 g
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Moisturizing Gel Gloves they accelerate cellular metabolism, soothe irritated skin, soften rough skin, relieve fatigue, enhance blood microcirculation, do not cause an allergic reaction and do not lose their properties with prolonged use. With regular use moisturizing gel gloves Gel Gloves the condition of the skin is noticeably improved, its early aging is prevented.

With the help of reusable spa gloves, you will achieve a visible result of improving the condition of the skin of your hands in 20-30 minutes. The skin of your hands will look amazing, incredibly soft and velvety. Phytocollagen and a caring complex of saturated oils, which is part of silicone spa gloves, thanks to their original recipe, strengthen the epidermis, provide long-term hydration, deep nutrition, smooth out fine wrinkles, whiten the skin and increase its elasticity. Under the influence of nutrients, keratinized cells are removed, and the skin becomes smooth.

The principle of operation of moisturizing gel spa gloves:

The inner silicone layer is impregnated with a gel with vitamin E and lavender oil, does not pass air, allows the skin to absorb all the useful caring components.

Spa gloves can be used both without additional moisturizing products, and with creams, masks, oils, etc.
The use of silicone gloves together with caring creams and oils increases their effectiveness.
The gloves are dimensionless, they stretch well, and at the same time they do not hang out even on a small handle. One pair of SPA gloves is enough for 50-70 applications. The appearance of white powder (vitamin E) on the surface of the products is permissible.
Composition: outer woven layer: 75% cotton, 15% bamboo fiber, 10% spandex; inner layer: phytocollagen, lavender essential oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil.

Terms of use and storage:

gel gloves are reusable and can be hand-washed in cold water;
in order for the gloves to retain their properties longer, you need to store and use them correctly;
store at room temperature, not lower than 5 degrees C and not higher than 25 degrees C;
hand washing is recommended, the water temperature is not higher than 30°C, without the use of any detergents, do not twist, do not wring, dry away from heating devices and direct sunlight.

The service life depends on the careful care of the product and the method of its use.

Not recommended:
machine washable;
dry cleaning;


do not use for diabetes and poor blood circulation.
do not use if there are open wounds or damaged skin areas.
do not use if there are skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.
If there are similar skin conditions, consult a doctor on the use of this product. If irritation or discomfort occurs, stop using immediately.

Fits all sizes!

Надеть на сухую и чистую кожу рук на 20-45 минут.
Допускается использование ухаживающих средств, в этом случае эффективность их повышается, увлажняющий гель должен плотно соприкасаться с кожей рук.
Рекомендуется использовать не менее 3 раз в неделю.
Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
Material Nylon, cotton
Weight with packaging220 g
A countryChina

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