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Spa treatment UMB Stretch i Sheet, 60 pcs

Wave Corporation
With anti-aging components!
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Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
BrandWave Corporation
Skin typeFor all types, Dry, dehydrated, Anti-aging care
Quantity in the package60
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Updated version of patches UMB Stretch i Sheet from Spa Treatment for the eye and lip area. 

A new ingredient has been added to the composition: an active umbilical cord extract, rich in amino acids, natural hyaluronic acid, chondroitin. This is the strongest component for moisturizing and reducing facial wrinkles. 

Useful extracts are wrapped in branded ultra-moisturizing nano-capsules that penetrate deep into the stratum corneum. The soft non-woven texture of the material with integrated fibers of a three-dimensional structure fits tightly and closely to the skin, repeating any bend.

Active ingredients in the composition:

- Roxburghii rose fruit extract (Rosa Roxburghii)

- ectoin, which exists in many bacteria. It has an excellent ability to retain water, as if "embracing" water molecules.

- stem cell extract, rich in natural hyaluronic acid.

- the oil-soluble component glabridin (Glabridin), derived from licorice extract.

- oil-soluble placenta extract containing abundant nutrients, such as 10 types of amino acids and various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, mucopolysaccharides.

- alpha-arbutin, a component in which hydroquinone is combined with a carbohydrate.

- oil-soluble vitamin C (ascorbyltetrahydroxydecanoate)

- oil-soluble vitamin E (retinol palmitate)

- natural vitamin E (tocopherol)

- valuable extract of ginseng root and ginger root to maintain blood circulation for glossy skin,

- Clematis Vitalba leaf extract and seaweed extract gives a synergistic effect,

- Syn® - ake based on the snake venom enzyme, inhibiting muscle contraction, and a similar peptide structure make the skin elastic,

- Syn® - coll (a solution of a small peptide without preservatives, which promotes the synthesis of collagen in fibroblasts) for radiance and vitality,

- 3 types of collagen for moisturizing effect: water-soluble collagen with a large molecular weight to moisturize the skin surface, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed collagen, obtained from cationic collagen with a positive electric charge, is attracted to the skin and forms a moisture layer to protect against drying, hydrolyzed collagen with a low molecular weight to penetrate the stratum corneum and retain moisture from the inside.

Composition: Water, Glycerin, BG, Ethanol, Tripeptide-5, Soluble collagen, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen, Placenta extract, Arbutin, Clematis extract, Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ginseng root extract, Ginger root extract, Menthol, Brown Algae extract, Red algae extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Betaine, Trehalose, Glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, xanthan gum, sodium citrate, citric acid, hydrogenated castor oil PEG-60, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben. 

They have a delicate and elegant fragrance of damask rose.

It is recommended to use it 2 times a week.

It does not contain dyes, flavorings, mineral oil.

Используйте после умывания, лосьона, возьмите лист один с помощью специального пинцета (в комплекте).
Зафиксируйте пальцем на коже под глазами, затем медленно распределите по всей длине.
Оставьте на 10 минут. После снимите, но не вытирайте остатки, дайте впитаться.
Патчи можно использовать также и для области рта.
Также можете использовать не высохшие после процедуры на глаза патчи и для рта.
Перед применением можно охладить, положив на время в холодильник.
Availability in stockWarehouse Japan
BrandWave Corporation
Skin typeFor all types, Dry, dehydrated, Anti-aging care
Quantity in the package60
Period of usefor 30 applications
Weight with packaging250 g
A countryJapan

Spa treatment UMB Stretch i Sheet, 60 pcs reviews

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Product catalog
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