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Santen Medical Active Age-related eye drops with provitamin A, 12 ml

Age-related eye drops
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НазначениеКапли для глаз
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Volume12 ml
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Anti-aging Japanese Eye Drops Sante Medical Active from the Japanese company Santen. Contain the maximum concentrations 9 active components for safe protection of the eyes from age-related changes. They will preserve visual acuity and serve as an excellent prevention of all known diseasesthey will fill the eyes with moisture and protect them from the negative effects of external factors.

Vitamin A, promotes the secretion of lacrimal fluid (mucin), which is necessary for the normal functioning of the visual organs. Provides their protection and health.

With age, visual acuity worsens, the eye tissues do not receive all the necessary micro-nutrients to ensure normal visual function. There is dryness, discomfort, various eye diseases begin to progress, eye tissues dry out, become inflamed, local immunity and tissue metabolism deteriorates. New unique Japanese eye drops allow you to prevent all this Sante Medical Active.

Freshness index 3.

Sante Medical Active they are eye drops that contain all the necessary elements for the beauty and health of your eyes. They contain a unique balance of vitamins and amino acids that will strengthen the muscles and parasympathetic nerves responsible for adjusting focus, moisturize dry eyes and improve cell metabolism, delivering nutrients directly to the eye tissues.

This unique product will support the health of the eyes in older people and will help to avoid eye problems in old age.

Sante Medical Active contains 9 active components:

Vitamin A (Retinol palmitate) 50000ed. (in 100ml)
Vitamin E (improved blood flow) 0,05%
Sodium Chondroitin sulft (protects the cornea) 0,05%
Taurine (enhances the metabolism of the eye) 0,5%
Potassium L-aspartate (improves tissue respiration) 0,5%
Aminocaproic acid (reduces inflammation) 1,0%
Proserin (improves the focusing function of the eye) 0,005%
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride (reduces inflammation of the conjunctiva) 0,01%
Chlorpheniramine meleate (reduces inflammation and itching) 0,03%
Additional substances sodium edetate hydrate, dextran, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethylcellulose, benzalkonium chloride solution, boric acid, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polysorbate 80, BHT, d-borneol, L-menthol, isotonic agents, pH agent


- before use, it is desirable to consult an ophthalmologist;
- glaucoma;
- use of eye medications prescribed by a doctor;
- allergy to the components of drops.

Store in a cool, dark place with a closed lid, do not pour into another container, do not use after the expiration date, during instillation, the spout should not come into contact with fingers, eyelashes; do not transfer drops to other persons.

It is not a medicinal product.

По 1-3 капли в день, до 5-6 раз. Рекомендуемая доза 1-2 капли 2-3 раза в день.
НазначениеКапли для глаз
Availability in stockСклад РФ
Volume12 ml
Weight with packaging40 g
A countryЯпония

Santen Medical Active Age-related eye drops with provitamin A, 12 ml reviews

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