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MTG ReFa O STYLE lymphatic drainage massager for the face against edema

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Availability in stockСклад Япония
Roller coatingплатина (Pt)
Material Нержавеющая сталь
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Facial massager for improving lymph flow - ReFa O STYLES It has a spherical shape, has 840 faces and rotates on its axis, has a platinum coating and microcurrents.  

Japanese cosmetologists pay a lot of attention to lymph flow, because fluid stagnation is the cause of edema, wrinkles, excessive pigmentation and poor complexion. Even the simplest independent lymph massage with this device gives a quick effect-relieves swelling around the eyes, relaxes the area around the mouth, outlines the oval. This massage activates blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow, increases turgor - many metabolic processes at the cellular level are much more intense.

A refreshing effect is provided by the impact of a heavy, cool metal ball on the main points of the massage — at the bridge of the nose, temples.

Solar battery in the handle Refa O Style it provides a constant flow of microcurrents into the skin through the edges of the rollers, and this in turn increases the absorbency of cosmetics, improves blood microcirculation. The influence of microcurrents during massage is especially important if you have facial edema, acne, or sagging facial skin that requires a lift and a return of elasticity. 

Microcurrents contribute to

  • facelifts, facelifts;
  • reduction of facial puffiness;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • prevention of the appearance and reduction of the severity of wrinkles;
  • to reduce the manifestations of skin pigmentation and improve the complexion;
  • the development of new collagen fibers.

The technique of working with a massager: 

Holding the handle, it should be rolled around the eyes with divergent movements from the center of the face to the periphery, and each time finish the movement vertically down, along the neck, to the clavicle. This is the trajectory of the normal outflow of lymph, and during massage it begins to run faster, improving the metabolism in the skin. In addition, you can use a massager on top of lifting fabric masks.

The massager can be used on the skin without cosmetics or with the use of cream around the eyes. In its handle there is a small solar battery that produces microcurrents that are useful for the skin. Please note that the handle of the massager must be taken in the hand so that the solar panel is not covered by the hand, a stream of light must fall on it.

The massager is convenient to take with you on the road and use for long-distance flights, it does not require special care and recharging. The instructions include schemes and massage options. The kit includes a storage bag and a care cloth.

REFA O Style Massager Care:

  • device NOT water-resistant, it can not be used in the shower or bath
  • since the device is powered by solar panels, it must be kept in a place where daylight reaches;
  • do not use the device in the bath and sauna;
  • do not use the massager with acid creams and serums to avoid damage to the platinum coating.

Availability in stockСклад Япония
Roller coatingплатина (Pt)
Material Нержавеющая сталь
Microcurrentsоколо 15 мкА
Equipmentинструкция, мешочек для хранения, ткань для чистки
Weight with packaging280 g
A countryЯпония

MTG ReFa O STYLE lymphatic drainage massager for the face against edema reviews

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