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Kowa ProstaMan for men's health, 54 pcs x 3 packages

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Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 54 дня
Tablets in a package54
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Kowa ProstaMan this natural complex of 10 types of medicinal herbs, created by KOWA, has passed strict quality control and certification in the domestic Japanese market. It is indicated for chronic prostatitis, difficulties with urination and acts to improve the function of the prostate gland, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Indications for use:

  • Help with prostatitis and other diseases of the prostate gland. It facilitates difficult urination, frequent urination, night urination.
  • Relieves inflammation and pain in the ureter.
  • Relieves the following symptoms: dry mouth, numbness and cold in the extremities, back pain, fatigue.

Composition for 3 sachets: sticky remania 3000 mg, Japanese medicinal dogwood 1800 mg, dried Japanese yam root 1800 mg, oriental chastukha 1800 mg, coconut poria 1800 mg, tree peony 1800 mg, Chinese cinnamon 600 mg, dried wrestler root extract 600 mg, dried Chinese lemongrass 1200 mg, dried Japanese ophiopogon root 1800 mg.

Contraindications: Possible side effects - redness of the skin, rash, abdominal pain, loss of appetite. Do not use for persons under 15 years of age. It is not recommended for use by people with a weak stomach and /or prone to loose stools. Be sure to consult your doctor before using the drug if you are undergoing outpatient treatment or have experienced allergic reactions to the components of the drug. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. If you feel a deterioration in your condition, you should stop taking the drug.

Store in a closed form in a dark and cool place out of the reach of children.

Взрослым по 1 пакетику порошка 3 раза в день, после еды, запивая теплой водой. Одна упаковка содержит 54 пакетика, на 18 дней. Принимать по необходимости.
Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 54 дня
Tablets in a package54
Weight with packaging450 g
A countryЯпония

Kowa ProstaMan for men's health, 54 pcs x 3 packages reviews

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