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A powerful biostimulator.
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EMS или авиа доставка из Японии, возможна в страны где доступно авиа сообщение.

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"Maruman" placenta based on 100% pig placenta extract, 3 capsules of which contain 15,000 mg of placenta. This is a 100% extract of dried pig placenta in the form of a powder enclosed in tablets.

Within 15 minutes after taking 1 tablet, you will feel a powerful surge of energy, relieving fatigue, tension, irritation and depression, improving mood.

The drug will help:

Slow down the aging process

Get a real explosion of internal forces

Increase the level of vital activity

Strengthen your health and immunity

The unique features of this drug are:

100% natural quality raw materials

The raw material is the placenta of pigs raised on farms in environmentally friendly conditions in Japan. The pig is the most genetically close to a human animal and, at the same time, does not have cross-diseases with it. Therefore, it is the pig placenta that is the most valuable.

The most modern Japanese production technologies that allow you to produce a safe, effective product
The production technology of the drug is designed in such a way as not to expose the raw materials to high-temperature exposure, to preserve the biological value of the placenta as much as possible. The conclusion of the placenta in a tablet allows you to save the active substances from destruction by gastric juice and deliver them directly to the intestines, where they are absorbed by the intestinal villi.

High concentration of active substances Experimentally, it was found that it is in the dried and powdered placenta extract with a size of 6 microns that the maximum concentrations of cell growth factors, interleukins, amino acids, etc. are preserved. Placenta extract has been at the peak of popularity in the global beauty and health industry for several years! This is a storehouse of highly active biological compounds that can heal and rejuvenate the human body at the cellular level, and various components affect not only each by itself, but also interact with each other, forming a synergistic effect (strengthening the action of each other).

The ability to rejuvenate the body is due to the content of various cell growth factors:

- EGF (epidermal growth factor) stimulates the division of epidermal cells, restoring the structure of the skin from the inside and increasing its elasticity and elasticity.

- aFGF (fibroblast growth factor) - stimulates the synthesis of fibroblasts - "youth proteins" responsible for the production of collagen and elastin - a kind of "skeleton" of our skin.

- TGF (transforming growth factor) - regulates the growth of various types of cells, their differentiation, stimulates the elimination of damaged cells, participates in the modulation of the immune system. It stimulates the powerful synthesis of collagen.

- NGF (nerve growth factor) - controls the survival and development of neurons in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

- AGF (angiogenesis factor) - stimulates the formation of new blood vessels for blood supply to tissues.At the same time, the stimulation and intensification of metabolic processes and synthesis is combined with providing the body with the necessary nutrients (vitamins, amino acids), which allows you to stimulate the body without depleting its energy and other resources. The immunomodulatory ability is associated with the presence of placenta extract in the composition Interleukins- molecules synthesized by white blood cells and are part of the immune system.

IL 1 - mobilizes the body to fight the disease, it is responsible for the increase in body temperature during the disease.

IL 4 and IL 6 - destroy cells infected with the virus and cancer cells.

IL 10 - it has various anti-inflammatory properties, is especially necessary for chronic inflammatory diseases, the antidepressant and stress-protective properties of the drug are due to the high concentration of such important amino acids as Tyrosine, Glycine, Serine, Tryptophan and many others.

Composition (3 tablets weighing 1.41 g): Energy 8.23 kcal, protein 0.60 g, fat 0.60 g, carbohydrates 0.12 g, sodium 6.70 mg. Main ingredients: pork placenta extract 300 mg (raw placenta 15,000 mg), safflower oil, hyaluronic acid proteoglycan, salmon cartilage extract, beeswax, glycerin, gelatin and food coloring "caramel".

Safety precautions: This product, due to the use of natural raw materials, may change color, but this does not affect the quality. After opening the package, consume it as soon as possible.

It is not a medicinal product.

Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 90 дней
Tablets in a package90
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MARUMAN Pure placenta 15000 mg (3 pcs) reviews

MARUMAN Pure placenta 15000 mg (3 pcs) купить недорого в интернет-магазине товаров из Японии "Мирай"

Вы можете заказать MARUMAN Pure placenta 15000 mg (3 pcs) по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Мирай». Доставка по всему миру со склада в России или из Японии. Оформите заказ на сайте, и MARUMAN Pure placenta 15000 mg (3 pcs) отправится по указанному Вами адресу

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Все заказы из Японии отправляются с момента подтверждения оплаты заказа.

Доставка со склада России г. Москва, осуществляется службой доставки Boxberry, PickPoint, курьером по Москве или Почтой России (1 класс или EMS).

Заказы на сумму от 10000 рублей, отправляем бесплатно Почтой РФ, 1 класс, Boxberry, PickPoint.

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Подробнее о способах оплаты и доставки MARUMAN Pure placenta 15000 mg (3 pcs) можно узнать по телефонам +7 (977) 976-27-12, +7 (800) 301-07-62 .

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