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Sato Liverurso GOLD Liver Repair Drug, 140 tbl

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Tablets in a package140
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Sato Liverurso Gold the drug with ursodeoxycholic acid and 18 types of amino acids, promotes the purification and restoration of the liver and kidneys, regulates metabolism.  It increases metabolism, stimulates the immune system, actively nourishes with asthenia, relieves stress, replenishes strength with physical fatigue, helps with eating disorders and serves as a useful supplement to the diet during pregnancy and lactation.

The drug has the ability to remove toxins from the liver.

Ursodeoxycholic acid is a bile acid. Reduces the cholesterol content in the bile by dispersing cholesterol and forming a liquid-crystalline phase, reducing the reabsorption of endogenous and potentially toxic compounds in the intestine.

Ursodeoxycholic acid has a direct hepatoprotective effect and reduces the hepatotoxicity of hydrophobic bile salts. Reduces the lithogenic index of bile, increasing the content of bile acids in it. Promotes partial or complete dissolution of cholesterol gallstones when administered orally. It has a choleretic effect.

It is recommended to take the drug both for the prevention of liver diseases, and for: cholelithiasis, hepatitis, toxic liver lesions.

Composition: Liver hydrolysate 600 mg, ursodeoxycholic acid 50 mg, L-cysteine 160 mg, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 300 mg, Diisopropylamine dichloroacetate 30 mg, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 12 mg, cinnamon powder 100 mg, ginger root 100 mg.

Contraindications: Acute inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract; liver cirrhosis in the decompensation stage; ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease; severe renal dysfunction.

Принимать 2 раза в день по 3 шт, запивая большим количеством воды.
Не рекомендуется принимать детям до 15 лет.
Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 33 дня
Tablets in a package140
Weight with packaging130 g
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Sato Liverurso GOLD Liver Repair Drug, 140 tbl reviews

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