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Dr. Arrivo Ghost Premium Portable Cosmetology Device Premium

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Size 160 × 70 × 55 mm
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Самовывоз - Рублевское шоссе 70 к.7, ТЦ "Евро Парк"

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Dr. Arrivo Ghost Premium - the premium portable device for electroporation and non-injection mesotherapy, developed under the supervision of plastic surgeons, is an innovative cosmetological device to combat the signs of aging of the skin of the face.

The working plates are covered with 24k gold, the effect is more delicate, ideal for sensitive skin, the maximum set of functions. The Dr. Arrivo Ghost Premium device combines the best qualities of the Ghost series devices and can be used both for procedures on the skin of the face and for the body.

The functioning of the device is based on the penetration of electrical impulses into the deep layers and a beneficial effect on skin cells.

Regular use of the device has a beneficial anti-aging effect at the cellular level, normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation, smoothes wrinkles, prevents age-related changes, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, relieves tension and fatigue, has a calming effect.

Since the range of exposure is quite wide, it is recommended for use not only as a facial skin care, but also for problem areas of the body.

The device includes a complex of effective and popular techniques for rejuvenation and facelift, as well as working with the body:
Interval pulse current;
RF-lifting of the new generation;
LED light therapy (3 types of lamps),
Vibration mode.
The device is used in home care independently, and is also most in demand in salon procedures. Suitable for all skin types, preferably for sensitive, age-related and pigmented skin.
The techniques are used in combinations, act simultaneously in the specified proportions and work at 4 power levels to achieve the best result.
The device has built-in 33 LED lamps of red, green and blue colors, which significantly improves the results of procedures aimed at leveling skin tone, narrowing blood vessels, restoring and functioning of the sebaceous glands.
This exclusive technology was developed by leading cosmetologists and plastic surgeons of Japan and South Korea, patented, awarded with awards and is not reproduced in any of the existing home beauty gadgets on the market.
The methods are the safest and most atraumatic in hardware cosmetology, do not violate the integrity of tissues and do not require a rehabilitation period. The power and location of the working plates makes the Dr. Arrivo Ghost Premium device a unique device, a 10-minute procedure with which will give a comprehensive result and replace several devices and full-fledged salon care procedures, and the design and ergonomics make the use of the device convenient not only for the face, but also for the body.

Areas of application:
- complex rejuvenation;
- removal of puffiness;
- sculpting the face;
- restoring the contour and symmetry of the face, including lifting the lower third and raising the eyebrows;
- reduction of pigmentation and vasoconstriction;
- stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin;
- activation of the update and recovery processes;
- non-injection mesotherapy;
- alignment of the microrelief;
- improving the density and elasticity of the skin;
- removal of facial muscle spasm without stretching the skin;
- improved lymph flow and detox;
- reduction of fat content and antibacterial effect.

Types of exposure:

  • Electroporation - a physiotherapy procedure using a simulated electric pulse current that can open the channels of the cell membrane for a short period of time. The effect is carried out by high-frequency electrical pulses (up to 3000 Hz) at low intensity. Electroporation provides good permeability of cell membranes and effective delivery of the drug substance into the cell. Electric pulse waves create pores in the bilayer lipid membrane. The permeability of cell membranes increases by more than 400 times, which makes it possible to carry into the cell not only low-molecular, but also high-molecular fractions, for example, hyaluronic acid or collagen. Subsequently, the cell returns to its original state, since the waves are electro-pulse, complex, modeled. At the same time, the skin is not disturbed. The work of the sodium-potassium pump improves, the metabolism, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is normalized. The penetration of medicinal substances is 85-99%.
  • MFIP (MidFrequencyIntervalPulse) – a cosmetological procedure that is carried out with the help of medium-frequency waves. The positive effect on skin cells as a result of this procedure is equivalent to visiting a professional cosmetology salon.
  • LED (chromotherapy) - therapy, which is carried out using light waves.

Red LED therapy-red waves eliminate age-related skin changes, fatigue, have a rejuvenating effect;

Yellow LED therapy-green waves restore a healthy complexion, neutralize the negative impact of stressful conditions;

Blue LED therapy-blue waves help to improve the structure of the skin, get rid of acne, provide gentle and productive antibacterial protection for problem skin. Activates cell receptors, stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin; thus, the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and acquires a more youthful appearance. 

  • EMS Therapy Electrical Miostimulation (electromyostimulation) is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to restore the elasticity and elasticity of the muscles, tones, improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin. Strengthening of sluggish muscles, improving their tone; reduction and disappearance of cellulite manifestations; giving a beautiful shape to flabby buttocks and thighs; improving blood circulation, improving the structure of the skin.
  • Microwave therapy - exposure to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic fields. Under the influence of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, pendulum-like oscillatory movements of ions occur in the tissues of the body, the mechanical energy of this movement turns into thermal energy, which leads to endogenous heat release in the tissues. This is the non-specific biological effect of high-frequency electromagnetic vibrations. These methods are widely used for the treatment of such skin diseases as pustular skin lesions (folliculitis, boils, carbuncles), for resorption of various foci of chronic inflammation, infiltrates, etc. Microwave therapy is indispensable in the treatment of keloid scars, as a preparatory stage for cryodestruction
  • Therapeutic sound system in the form of musical accompaniment

Contraindications: Pregnancy and lactation; acute infectious and viral diseases; oncological diseases; chronic dermatitis and dermatoses in the acute stage; acne in the acute stage; severe stages of hypertension; photosensitivity; epilepsy; pacemakers; individual intolerance.

Attention! If irritation or swelling occurs during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor. 

Do not store in direct sunlight or in places with very high or low temperatures.

Основные направления движений: от нижнего контура подбородка к области за ушами, и, затем, вниз, повторяя очертания шеи; по щекам, снизу вверх, к ушам; вверх, по линии роста бровей.
​В режиме EMS проводить лечебную процедуру в течение 10 минут ежедневно либо 1 раз в два дня.​
В режиме MFIP применять по пять минут 1-2 раза в неделю. Регулярное использование аппарата обеспечивает результат, превосходящий ожидания.
Availability in stockСклад РФ
Size 160 × 70 × 55 mm
Model2019 года
Power100~240V, 10 В
Frequency50/60 Гц
Light wave lengthсиний 415 нм (±10 нм), желтый 590 нм (±10 нм), красный 620 нм (±10 нм)
Output wave frequencyMFIP 90 кГц / EMS 6,3 Гц ~ 250 Гц
TechnologyАппарат беспроводной, с зарядным устройством
Timer10 мин
EquipmentАппарат, адаптер переменного тока x 1, эксклюзивный кейс x 1, PE Serum (40 мл) x 1, руководство по эксплуатации, гарантийный талон.
Coverage24К золото и камни Swarovski
Material ABS
Weight with packaging1000 g
A countryЯпония

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