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Cleverin virus blocker in a case, for home
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Admission courseНа 90 дней
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Морская доставка из Японии

EMS или авиа доставка из Японии, возможна в страны где доступно авиа сообщение.

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Destroys 99% of all viruses and bacteria in the house. Put it in any room, in places not accessible to children.

New product Cleverin Gel Be@rbrick, this is the protection of the house, and all household inhabitants, including small children.

A unique product based on chlorine dioxide, a substance recognized as the most powerful antimicrobial agent in the world. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide kills pathogens by oxidation, which is a 100% safe procedure. Chlorine dioxide is extremely powerful and no pathogenic microorganism known to man can resist this force and cannot develop resistance to chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is remarkable because it acts instantly. It blocks the spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria by oxidizing their protein structure.

Scientists have proven the absolute safety of the invention for humans, which allows even pregnant women and infants to use it!

The device quickly gained the well-deserved attention of the Japanese, becoming an invariable attribute of the house and social and children's institutions. It also has a deodorizing effect. It is extremely important for employees of companies that are in close contact with customers, for medical and children's institutions, as well as for those who travel by public transport, like to travel and often visit places with large crowds of people.

Method of application: open the package, take out the stick, bend the stick until it clicks, shake it several times and insert it into the base. The set includes 3 sticks, the validity period of 1 stick is 1 month. After opening, sign the date and use up to 3 months.


Destroys viruses, bacteria, micro-mites, allergens and other pathogenic microorganisms, protects the body and reduces morbidity, disinfects the indoor air.

Packaging: the figure is a capacity in the form of heroes, the efficiency is 3 months, up to 20 square meters.

Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 90 дней
Weight with packaging180 g
A countryЯпония

CLEVERIN X Disney Be@rbrick, for 3 months reviews

CLEVERIN X Disney Be@rbrick, for 3 months купить недорого в интернет-магазине товаров из Японии "Мирай"

Вы можете заказать CLEVERIN X Disney Be@rbrick, for 3 months по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Мирай». Доставка по всему миру со склада в России или из Японии. Оформите заказ на сайте, и CLEVERIN X Disney Be@rbrick, for 3 months отправится по указанному Вами адресу

Для всех способов доставки из Японии минимальная сумма заказа 5500 рублей.

При оформлении заказа, необходимо выбрать способ доставки из Японии, система автоматически рассчитает стоимость.

Оплата заказов со склада Японии производится, банковскими картами: VISA, MasterCard, МИР или банковский перевод на р/с организации.

Все заказы из Японии отправляются с момента подтверждения оплаты заказа.

Доставка со склада России г. Москва, осуществляется службой доставки Boxberry, PickPoint, курьером по Москве или Почтой России (1 класс или EMS).

Заказы на сумму от 10000 рублей, отправляем бесплатно Почтой РФ, 1 класс, Boxberry, PickPoint.

Возможные способы оплаты:

  • Оплата наличными курьеру
  • Банковской картой: МИР, VISA International, Mastercard Worldwide;
  • Оплата через Сбербанк Онлайн
  • Банковский перевод

Подробнее о способах оплаты и доставки CLEVERIN X Disney Be@rbrick, for 3 months можно узнать по телефонам +7 (977) 976-27-12, +7 (800) 301-07-62 .

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