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ASAHI Dear-Natura Glucosamine with type 2 collagen, 360 tablets x 2 pcs

It contains 2 types of collagen.
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НазначениеЯпонские витамины и Бады
Availability in stockСклад Япония
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ASAHI Dear-Natura Glucosamine with Collagen - chondroprotector, corrector of cartilage tissue metabolism, stimulating the regeneration of cartilage tissue, designed to strengthen and improve the functions of joints.

The drug is created on the basis of natural ingredients, so it has practically no contraindications and is not accompanied by side reactions. It helps to cope with joint pain, increases their mobility, accelerates recovery and prevents the development of pathological processes.

It promotes the restoration of cartilage tissue, improves the formation of intra-articular fluid, reduces joint soreness, improves their mobility. It is also involved in the formation of connective tissue of ligaments, tendons, heart valves, vascular walls, bronchi, skin, mucous membranes. Lack of glucosamine in the body, especially during intense physical exertion and at the age of over 40 years, can lead to degenerative changes in the joints and deterioration of their function - osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine effectively eliminates pain and reduces inflammation and swelling of the joints without any side effects. Glucosamine also plays an important role in the repair of connective and cartilage tissues.

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of glucosamine in the treatment of arthritis, it reduces pain and reduces inflammation.

Glucosamine is extracted from the shells of crabs and crustaceans. Absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, glucosamine enters the joint tissues, improving their regeneration and increasing the resistance to injury not only of cartilage tissue, but also of bone tissue.

Type II Collagen - a protein substance that is obtained from chicken cartilage. Collagen provides elasticity and strength of the connective tissue that forms the joint, is responsible for the elasticity of ligaments and tendons. The component prevents the rupture of soft tissues during significant physical exertion. In combination with hyaluronic acid, it helps to preserve the optimal amount of moisture in the tissues, prevents premature aging of the body.

Collagen gives the skin elasticity, but over time, in the aging process, due to the loss of moisture by the intercellular substance of the dermis, collagen loses its capabilities, and people have wrinkles, and the skin becomes dull, dry and less elastic. The main task of collagen is the regenerative function - in case of damage to a skin area or muscle, to take part in the speedy restoration and renewal of cells.

Composition in 6 tablets: glucosamine 1500 mg, chicken cartilage extract 50 mg (type II collagen content 15 mg).

Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are not used.

It is not a medicinal product, consult your doctor before using it.

Ежедневно по 6 таблеток в день, разделить на несколько приемов.
НазначениеЯпонские витамины и Бады
Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 60/ 120 дней
Tablets in a package360
Equipment360 табл. х 2 шт
Weight with packaging300 g
A countryЯпония

ASAHI Dear-Natura Glucosamine with type 2 collagen, 360 tablets x 2 pcs reviews

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