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PHITEN CHOPPER X100 Aquatitan Necklace, 50 cm

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Availability in stockСклад Япония
Material Акватитан
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The necklace of the Phiten X100 series can be an excellent and original gift.

The necklace is impregnated with Aquatitan (a special patented material for relieving tension and pain) produced by Fiten. The material is suitable for daily wear. The necklace will relieve tension and fatigue, help you recover faster after heavy workouts, as well as improve your sports results.

The plate is made of pure titanium, and the cord of the necklace is impregnated with Aquatitan with a factor of X100!

Like other Phiten necklaces and bracelets, the X100 necklace is recommended for:
1. Sports and active people (golfers, tennis, badminton, etc., programmers, pianists) experiencing tension and pain in the wrist area;
2. To relieve tension, fatigue, to relax the muscles in the wrist area; to restore strength as soon as possible.
3. People with pain or lethargy in the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints due to frequently repeated movements.

Initially, Japanese professor Hirata developed Phild processes using titanium to treat muscle pain, eliminate discomfort due to pinched muscles.

The professor has developed a unique method that makes the possible impossible. The essence of the method is that a nano-particle of titanium or a nano-particle of gold carries energy. And this nano-particle is able to involve a large number of substances in the work.

Such an impact of the particle (the collected oscillation) has an ordering effect on the own flows of electricity in the body.


Nano-particles of titanium are perfectly soluble in water (Aquatitan) and thus can be absorbed by various textile fibers. Aquatitan has an even stronger effect than carbonized titanium or micro-beads of titanium.

The metal processed with the help of the Phild Process has a positive effect on the disturbed electrical currents in the body, regulating and coordinating them.

Availability in stockСклад Япония
Material Акватитан
Size40 cm
Weight with packaging100 g
A countryЯпония

PHITEN CHOPPER X100 Aquatitan Necklace, 50 cm reviews

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