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The capsule contains pycnogenol
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Size 11.5 × 6.5 × 5.4 cm
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Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, made from approved, passed the necessary checks of healthy pig placenta, enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals of many types.

The drug promotes the metabolism of the skin. This drug fights pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging and sagging skin, has an effective value in the treatment of stiffness of the occipital muscles, is recommended for menopause, chronic fatigue, improves the condition of the liver.

Using this drug, you achieve effective, active cellular respiration, tissue metabolism. Active cellular respiration, and active metabolism prevents cell aging.

removal of chronic fatigue syndrome; normalization of sleep; improvement of mental and physical performance; elimination of anxiety;
relieving stress and irritability; increasing sexual desire;delaying the onset of menopause; formation of new collagen, healing and rejuvenation of the skin; elimination of age spots.

The composition of the drug Melsmon includes more than 100 components, including:

✓ all 20 amino acids existing in nature, including essential ones, which perform plastic and many other functions in the body;

✓ mucopolysaccharides necessary for the construction of connective tissues;

✓ nucleic and organic acids, nucleosides that enhance protein biosynthesis;

✓ vitamins B2, B3, C, D, PP, which provide the antioxidant effect of the drug and are catalysts of metabolic processes;

✓ enzymes are catalysts of metabolic processes in the body;

minerals (zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, selenium, etc.), which are involved in the construction of the skeleton, the formation of hemoglobin and regulate the exchange of vitamins and hormones.

The active substances of the placenta stimulate stagnant, sluggish vital processes. An exceptional feature of Melsmon is that it is a drug of high-precision, directed action. Unlike many chemical medicinal compounds, Melsmon, healing, does not cause any side harm to the body. Such drugs are called intelligent or smart because they themselves detect points of imbalance in the body and functional disorders and have precisely a point therapeutic effect.

The components of the drug activate the regeneration of cells instead of damaged, altered and worn out, at the same time preventing their uncontrolled division. Restores the immune system, for which it mobilizes the internal resources of the body.

Composition: 100% pig placenta extract in 1 piece-400 mg., pycnogenol, vitamin C.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to the drug, pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children.

It is not a medicinal product.

Принимайте по 4 капсулы в день во время еды, запивая водой.
Availability in stockСклад Япония
Admission courseНа 90 дней
Size 11.5 × 6.5 × 5.4 cm
Equipment3 упаковки по 120 капсул
Weight with packaging300 g
A countryЯпония

Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, 120 capsules x 3 pcs reviews

Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, 120 capsules x 3 pcs купить недорого в интернет-магазине товаров из Японии "Мирай"

Вы можете заказать Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, 120 capsules x 3 pcs по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Мирай». Доставка по всему миру со склада в России или из Японии. Оформите заказ на сайте, и Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, 120 capsules x 3 pcs отправится по указанному Вами адресу

Для всех способов доставки из Японии минимальная сумма заказа 5500 рублей.

При оформлении заказа, необходимо выбрать способ доставки из Японии, система автоматически рассчитает стоимость.

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Все заказы из Японии отправляются с момента подтверждения оплаты заказа.

Доставка со склада России г. Москва, осуществляется службой доставки Boxberry, PickPoint, курьером по Москве или Почтой России (1 класс или EMS).

Заказы на сумму от 10000 рублей, отправляем бесплатно Почтой РФ, 1 класс, Boxberry, PickPoint.

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Подробнее о способах оплаты и доставки Melsmon Placenta Capsule Placenta in capsules, 120 capsules x 3 pcs можно узнать по телефонам +7 (977) 976-27-12, +7 (800) 301-07-62 .


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